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IBM’s 2023 Chief Data Officer Study: Turning data into value

On the first day of the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit on March 20, 2023, IBM published their 2023 Chief Data Officer Study: Turning data into value.

On the CDO Study’s overview page, IBM includes this summary:

Based on interviews with 3,000 CDOs from around the globe, the 2023 CDO study from the IBM Institute for Business Value delineates how CDOs can position their organizations to derive the business transformation value of insights from integrated data.

Government data and organizational leaders who want to download the report can do so through IBM’s website.  There’s also a 6-minute audio summary of the report.

IBM’s Global CDO, Inderpal Bhandari, spoke at the Gartner D&A Summit and provided a blueprint for developing a data strategy and employing the optimal data architecture to help deliver on strategy and enable organizations to use data to turn the promise of leading-edge technologies like AI into reality.

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