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Commerce Dept. CDO Oliver Wise Outlines Three Plays in FY23 Action Plan

In a blog post on the U.S. Department of Commerce website, CDO Oliver Wise has outlined and described how to implement three “plays” that his team will follow to promote scale in the value derived from data across the department:

  1. Siloed –> Coordinated
  2. Bespoke –> Standardized
  3. Manual –> Automatic

Wise stated that these plays are a crucial part of the FY23 Action Plan (PDF) created by the Commerce Data Governance Board.  They also support and align with the Federal Data Strategy and Commerce’s FY22-26 Strategic Plan.

Wise explained in the post that in the coming year, he will lead his team at Commerce to “not only look internally at our own data management practices, but also outward, so that our Department’s public data assets are strategically positioned within a rapidly changing technological and geopolitical landscape.”  He will also prepare the next version of the department’s Data Strategy, given that the current 5-year strategy (PDF) expires at the end of FY24.


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