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NSF Reorganizes OCIO, Names CDO Dorothy Aronson to Lead AI Efforts

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced a new initiative to revitalize its information technology (IT) infrastructure and services. The initiative, called NSF IT Revitalization, aims to enhance the agency’s IT capabilities and security, as well as improve the user experience for NSF staff, researchers, and the public.

The NSF has established an independent and consolidated Office of the CIO, under the direction of CIO Terry Carpenter. NSF’s current Chief Data Officer, Dorothy Aronson, will also now serve as Assistant CIO for Artificial Intelligence. Aronson leads the NSF Division of Data and Artificial Intelligence (DDAI), which is responsible for enterprise data management; the responsible use and development of AI; data services; and machine learning services.

The NSF’s announcement stated:

This strategic realignment will ensure that IT, technology innovation, and data are supported by centralized structure and resources — elements critical to the agency’s mission now and in the future. It also reinforces NSF’s commitment to President Biden’s priorities for federal agencies to smartly pursue responsible AI and aggressively protect information through rigorous cybersecurity practices.

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